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Software Development 

& Digital Fabrication Services

Whether you want to develop a full, cross-platform application or just need an extra set of hands to meet a deadline, let us know. We can help.

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What Can We Do For You?

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Cross Platform Applications

Reach More, Code Less

We write cutting-edge, modern applications that cross compile across IOS, Android, Web, Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Wood Piles

Complex Problem Solving

Do More With Less

We excel at creating solutions to seemingly intractable problems. Our PaperHints application uses computer vision and graph theory to solve Kami and Kami2 (by State of Play Games) puzzles from a screenshot natively on an IOS device.


Digital Fabrication

Coding the Real World

Working in a world of pure software can dull your mind, so we provide our developers to learn, experiment and express themselves with digital fabrication tools like CNC carving. Some pieces are just for fun, but others like this Brass and Sapele sign are commissioned


Development Modernization

Better Tools - Better Products

There are lots of great tools for running applications and managing code volume.  We can help you modernize and optimize your software and processes. Whether you want to move your project to the cloud, parallelize your processing, or embrace continuous development, we can get you there.

Get in Touch

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If you are interested in our consulting or software development services, send us a brief description of your project.

Thanks! You should hear from us soon.

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